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Hot Tar Spraying Surface Dressing

With over 30 years experience with surface dressing, G M Road contractors use the latest equipment to ensure the work is done right! If you’re looking for your driveway, road or car park surfaced dressed, contact us today for a free quote. It might cost less than you think!

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What is Road Surface Dressing?

Surface Dressing is a cost-effective solution to fight surface fatigue in numerous roads including highways. Highway dressing is done religiously because the road’s surface here is more prone to wear and tear after being constantly exposed to the tires of millions of travellers on a daily basis.

In surface dressing Cumbria, hot tar spray is used to spread the bitumen emulsion on the surface of the road. Tar sprayers are often used in many road re-dressings because of their ability to spread the bitumen emulsion in an even and quick manner. After the tar sparing, chippings are immediately added to the bitumen with the aid of a large spreader, which is usually towed behind a lorry. The sizes of the chips vary depending on the softness of the road that needs surface dressing.

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Cumbria Surface Dressing

Surface dressing has five main purposes

1. Forms a waterproof, flexible seal, preventing water penetration.
2. Prevents disintegration of the road surface.
3. Improves skid resistance of the road surface, reducing the likelihood of road traffic collisions.
4. Reduces spray in wet conditions, improving visibility in wet weather.
5. Can add up to five years to the life of the road and at only 20 per cent of the cost of a completely resurfacing that road.

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Considering Surface Dressing?

If you’re unsure if surface dressing your road is the correct option, why not contact us today for some free advice. When it comes to road surface dressing should consider our service as we are one of the most trusted services in Cumbria. We have professional operators working our tar sprayers in Cumbria so that all bitumen and chippings are perfectly combined to make your existing roads stronger and better. It doesn’t matter how small or big your surface dressing needs are; we’re here to give the best results for you.

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