Tarmacadam & Road Repair Contractors In Central Scotland – Glasgow To Edinburgh

GM Road Contractors are surface dressing and tarmacadam specialists located at Lanarkshire, Scotland and Penrith in Cumbria. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and by using the latest machines, we are able to offer you professional workmanship.

We specialise in surface dressing, tarmacadam and pothole repairs in central Scotland, Cumbria, Carlisle and surrounding areas. We have the capability to construct new roads made of surface dressing of your choice, whether it is heavy duty tarmac or concrete, we can help you with your needs.

We carry out work such as farm roads, forecourts, hotels and caravan parks. GM Road Contractors are a specialist tarmac driveways contractor installing and repairing tarmac throughout central Scotland, Carlisle and Cumbria.

Surface Dressing Cumbria
Tarmacadam Cumbria

Pothole repairs

We carry out small or large road repair and maintenance of potholes, patching with tarmacadam in Cumbria and Carlisle. Don’t leave yourself exposed to compensation claims.

Small repairs carried out at affordable rates.

Worst weather conditions for over 30 years.

Services we can offer

Services we can offer

» Driveways
» Tarmacadam
» Car parks
» Asphalt
» Forecourts
» Planning

» Farm Roads
» Surface Dressing
» Estates
» Block Paving
» Retail Parks

» Loading Bays
» Gravelling
» Groundworks
» Road Markings